Are you looking for some great content for conference delegates, spousal programs or employees, around the topics of stress, digestion, nutrition or concussion?

I have several different talks that I offer, and am open to creating something specific to your needs, with enough lead time.

Kick the Sugar Habit

Do you wonder why you crave sugar at certain times? Why does sugar become a craving anyway? Are you done reinventing the wheel and would you like to learn what really works and what doesn’t when it comes to kicking the sugar habit? Learn the 3 main challenges to kicking the sugar habit and then 7 points you can implement that will curb your sugar cravings.  This will allow you to get off the blood sugar roller coaster, and stop weight gain in your belly, (common result of too much insulin in your body). 

Stress and how it Manifests in the Body

60% of all diseases are caused by the toll stress takes on your body. Stress causes weight gain, poor sleep, emotional eating and more negative health issues. Come learn how to reduce your digestive stress, the biggest needle mover for most people when it comes to reducing the impact of stress on their body. Learn how to switch on your digestive system so it operates at an optimal level, allowing your body to fully assimilate all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals. We eat for energy, but when our body isn't assimilating the nutrients, vitamins and minerals, we are left without enough energy, and then wanting to eat / drink more to make up for it.  By optimizing your digestive system, you will reduce the stress on your body and enjoy more energy from the food you eat, and can reduce the need for mid afternoon coffee/ snacks to get you through the day. 

Managing the Stresses of the Holiday Season

Stress can be debilitating at times, and it seems the most joyous season of all, can create more than it’s fair share of stresses for people. This talk will give an overview about stress, how it impacts your body, as well as some pointers to help you better manage the stresses of the holiday season, so it can be more joyous and less draining for you!

Eating for Energy and Understanding Digestion

What is your relationship with food?  Do you think of it as energy, or something else? We will review some common views on dieting, food and our body's amazing ability to process our food.   Then we will break down the type of nutrients in food, an overview of fats, proteins and carbs, as well as a discussion on low fat, and why we went so wrong, when we were told to eat low fat or no fat!  We will discuss eating for energy, and you will learn how to monitor your hunger and fullness scale, and optimize your digestion at each meal. 

Concussion Recovery - How To Navigate This Difficult Journey

What happens to your energy when you are concussed? This talk teaches you how to listen to your body and symptoms, and how to live in your “safe zone”, so that your brain has enough energy left to heal. I include content on the best nutrition for the brain to heal, as well as mindset to promote healing, appropriate activity levels, and the concussion recovery support programs that I offer. This is a great talk for anyone who has recently suffered a concussion, or employers who want to understand how to help their employees get back to work sooner, and how to set up a return to work program for them.

Your Brain - Nutrition, Care, Stress

What have you done for your brain today? Have you ever been taught how to care for your brain? Probably not and yet we use it 24/7 and it controls everything we do. Did you know you can have Alzheimers for 20 years before diagnosis? Alzheimers / Dementia are near epidemic today, but what can you do about that for yourself and your loved ones? Learn the main triggers, and then what you can do to prevent the onset for yourself.

Why Diets Fail….

98% of diets fail in terms of being a long term solution to your weight management. Why? Because physiologically and mentally our body is not designed to allow us to starve ourselves of calories. We have mechanisms that will kick in to ensure we don’t starve ourselves. Weight loss is only 25% about what you eat, and 75% about the psychological and emotional aspects of you! We have to look at your whole self in order for you to lose weight. We have to look at stress levels, sleep, hormones, exercise and more. It is not about only counting calories and depriving yourself of food. It is about learning to listen to your body, when you are physically hungry, when you are emotionally hungry, and allowing your satiety hormone, leptin to work, and tell you that you are full. If you are struggling with having tried every diet to lose weight, and still gain it back, then this talk is for you.

6 Steps to Improving Your Sleep

Do you struggle with getting to sleep or staying asleep? We need 7 - 9 hours of good quality sleep every night to optimize our health and reduce the risk of chronic illness and injury. You cannot play catch up on the weekend either! This talk that will teach you how to reduce stress, improve sleep habits, and give you tips and tricks you can take away and practice at home. You'll also learn why all of this is so important to your longevity. We always say "life is short", but did you know that poor sleep is guaranteed to make your life shorter?  You will learn how to change that outcome for yourself.

Your Digestive System - Why You Need To Look After It.

Science has now shown that our gut (micro-biome) is much more important than we ever thought! It sends 9 messages to our brain for every message our brain sends to our gut! 95% of serotonin is produced here, and when it is healthy, so is our immune system. When our micro-biome is unhealthy, hormone production goes out of balance, our immune system breaks down and we are susceptible to illness and chronic disease. Many of today’s chronic diseases are due to an unhealthy micro-biome, including autoimmune disease, leaky gut, cancers, diabetes, fatty liver, crohn’s disease, colitis and more. Are you feeling bloated, gassy, having indigestion, or developing food intolerances? These are all signs your micro-biome is struggling and needs some help to be healthy again. Hippocrates said “All diseases start in the gut” - what he knew so long ago, we are only just coming back around to with today’s latest research. Come to this talk to learn how to look after your micro-biome and regain control of your long term health as a result.