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Did you know?

Your gut is known as your second brain? My work focuses on the brain in your head and your gut, hence the tag line “optimizing BOTH your brains”

Upcoming Events


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November 14, 7pm at Whistler Public Library

Do you wonder why you crave sugar at certain times? Why does sugar become a craving anyway? Are you done reinventing the wheel and would you like to learn what really works and what doesn’t when it comes to kicking the sugar habit?

Learn the 3 main challenges to kicking the sugar habit and then 7 points you can implement that will curb your sugar cravings. This will allow you to get off the blood sugar roller coaster, and stop weight gain in your belly, (common result of too much insulin in your body).

Learn all of this just in time for the holiday season, to be better set up for success.

This is a FREE Workshop, registration is required. Please email to sign up.


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November 30, 3:30pm at Whistler Public Library

Stress can be debilitating at times, and it seems the most joyous season of all, can create more than it’s fair share of stresses for people.

Come and learn about stress, how it impacts your body, as well as some pointers to help you manage the stresses of the holiday season, so it can be more joyous and less draining for you!

This is a FREE Workshop, registration is required. Please email to sign up.


Want more CALM in your life, less overwhelm, exhaustion and depletion? Click here for my 5 Step Guide to a More Energized & Happier You! Then share with others, who might want this content too, and earn entries for a chance to win a FREE coaching session.



Want to help alleviate stress on your liver, kidneys and digestive system?

My next Group program for the 14 day Digestive Re-set Cleanse will begin on November 15, 2019.

(If you prefer to do a personalized digestive re-set program, or would like to set up a program for the people in your office to do together, please contact me directly by email at, and we can set up a date/time to start, that suits your schedule any time you like, no need to wait until September!)

This program is perfect for you if you have gut issues, possible intolerances that you’d like to figure out, or simply would like to participate in a gentle cleanse within a supportive group to give you the accountability to reach your goals.

Program outline:

Nov 15: 9am, group coaching call via Zoom (will be recorded if you cannot attend in person).

Nov 16 & 17: Set your intentions, plan your meals, shop and prep for the week ahead.

Nov 18 - 24 : Re-set your digestive system following the cleanse recipes. 1 personal coaching call will be conducted with each participant during this time.

Nov 25 - 29: Reintroduction phase.

Click here to learn more about this program.

 What Is A Health Coach?

I am your partner, I am your cheerleader, and I am the person that gives you a gentle kick in the rear end, when you need it, to keep you moving forward towards your goals. I believe in prevention when it comes to health, don’t wait to get sick, do all you can to avoid getting sick!

I am trained in cutting-edge brain science, psychology, and then I combine that with nutrition, and transformational coaching techniques, to create a well-rounded program for my clients. I look forward to the opportunity to work with anyone looking to attain mind and body wellness through lifestyle change.

Your health is your greatest wealth, as without it, all aspects of your life suffer. In other words, your health impacts your career, your relationships, your finances and more. As a health coach, my programs help you achieve your greatest self, by creating habit change that lasts, resulting in a transformation into the person you were always meant to be. With a large focus on educating around nutrition and how the foods that you put into your body impact how you feel, I work with you to help you boost energy, improve sleep, lower stress, lose weight, improve digestion, kick sugar, and build confidence, because all of these can tie back to nutrition. In my health coaching practice I love to watch my clients spread their wings and soar once empowered with this knowledge, and the ability to put it into practice.