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Do you read me? I want to know!

I’ve been blogging weekly for about 10 months now, and I really don’t love it! I try to put out helpful information, but I wonder if anyone even reads it, likes it, sees it? I wonder if the time I spend doing it, is worth it, or if I should be spending that time doing something I enjoy alot more, like coaching! Or maybe I need to find a different way to brand my business and reach potential clients, in need of support a non judgemental ear, so they can achieve their better self.

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Get your "Move On" this spring and summer!

Sometimes the word “exercise” sounds like work, so I like to call it “movement” instead. What is movement?

It’s any activity that’s fun for you and gets your body moving!

Your body is made to move.

Therefore, movement is actually a type of fuel for your body, just like food.

It stimulates and generates energy and good moods, plus it’s a fun way to get outside and connect with old and new friends.

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