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Get your "Move On" this spring and summer!

Sometimes the word “exercise” sounds like work, so I like to call it “movement” instead. What is movement?

It’s any activity that’s fun for you and gets your body moving!

Your body is made to move.

Therefore, movement is actually a type of fuel for your body, just like food.

It stimulates and generates energy and good moods, plus it’s a fun way to get outside and connect with old and new friends.

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7 health benefits of herbal teas.....

Herbal teas can be soothing when you’re suffering from minor symptoms, but they are primarily formulated for taste enjoyment and general health enhancement. It seems every where I turn today, I hear about people suffering from poor sleep, or digestive issues, or just too much stress. Who knew different teas could be so helpful to you with these issues…keep reading!

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