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The importance of a healthy gut in achieving a healthy life

We are now hearing the word micro-biome alot more frequently, and it is referring to the living eco-system of microbes, bacteria, fungi living in your body, working very hard to keep your body functioning optimally. Our main micro-biome is in our gut, and houses 70% of our immune system, but our skin ,our respiratory system, our brain all have their own “micro-biomes” as well, all communicating back to the the micro-biome in our gut.

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Why you may not want to reach for antacids to help with gut issues anymore.....

Antacids are the 3rd highest over the counter medicines sold in the US today. Gut issues anyone? Yes, more and more people are struggling with gut issues, and as such they reach for what they think is helping them.

But it’s not….it is masking the pain in the short term, but not fixing the problem, and in the long run it is making their gut problems worse. Why?

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Do you really need to detox?

You might have learned in HS Biology how our human body has it’s own built in methods of ridding toxins from our body, and it does, but what happens when our kidneys and liver are overflowing like a garbage can with toxins, and just can’t keep up?   Chronic illness, cancers, kidney disease are some of the resulting conditions that can result from our body becoming overwhelmed with toxins.   


How does this happen, after all our body is such an intricate and wonderful system, meant to self-heal?  The problem is that the number of toxins introduced into our atmosphere has increased at a far more rapid rate, than which our body is capable of adapting to new environments.  Since the Industrial Revolution, 80,000 toxins have been introduced into our world.  The umbilical cord of a new born baby has over 287 known toxins in it. (Dr Mark Hyman, Broken Brain 2, April 2019).   100 years ago, these chemicals just didn’t exist.  We can’t see or smell them, but they have a massive impact on our body and therefore our health.

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Do you have gas or feel bloated after eating? (or know someone who does?)

Our body also talks to us to let us know how happy it is with the food we’ve had on the end of our fork. If you feel gassy after eating, or bloated, or simply heavy in your gut, it is a sign that your body is struggling to digest whatever it is that you’ve eaten recently and it’s trying to let you know.

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